2019 Law Changes

EXCO acting in accordance with the Bye-Laws and on the recommendation of the Rugby Committee has agreed to approve changes to Law 6 and Law 15 of the Laws of the Game.

Law 6 (TMO) EXCO noted that a revised TMO protocol was trialled in November 2018. The results were positive and EXCO agreed to introduce this revised protocol into law which can be found in Law 6.16 in the link below:


Law 15 (Ruck) EXCO agreed that there is a need to make the laws regarding offside lines at the tackle and ruck more consistent and approved the changes to Law 15.4 which can be found at the link below:


These changes have an immediate effect with the exception of the revised TMO protocol which should be adopted for all competitions which commence after January 1, 2019. This includes Super Rugby, the Six Nations, Rugby World Cup etc. For competitions that have already started
, they may continue under the old protocol until the current competition concludes. If these competitions wish to adopt the revised protocol mid-way through their competition, they can do so.